Wixoss Changing Diva WXDi-P02

Wixoss Changing Diva WXDi-P02




Product information


CHANGING DIVA" is the third expansion pack of "WIXOSS ENGLISH EDITION".
It is related to the 4  constructed "DIVA DEBUT DECK" that have already been released.

And Akino (No Limit), LOVIT (Card Jockey), Bang (Uchu no Hajimari), and Madoka (DIAGRAM) will appear as the new Center LRIGs for each team! With CHANGING DIVA's new Center LRIGs,

you can enjoy new strategies!



CHANGING DIVA Release Campaign


To commemorate the release of "CHANGING DIVA", "Special Promo Pack vol.2" will be

included as a box purchase campaign! A total of 6 Lv.3 LRIG, including the 4 newly introduced

above, are included, in Foil and Autographed! ?"Special Promo Pack vol.2" is available only for 1st printing.




Expansion packs alone do not give you enough cards to play the game.

You will need at least one constructed “Diva Debut Deck" to start the game.


Sample Card images


- Content


·96 Cards ?PI,SR are foil cards.


PI(Piece Rare)        6 types

SR(Super Rare)     12 types

L(LRIG Rare)         28 types

R(Rare)                  15 types

C(Common)           35 types*


*7 reprinted cards are included



·82 Parallel Cards  ?All foil cards


DiR(Diva Rare)      4 types*

SCR(Secret)        12 types*

L(LRIG Rare)       16 types

R(Rare)                15 types

C(Common)         35 types 

?Specifications and designs may be subject to change.


More Information!

- Now you can watch the "WIXOSS DIVA(A)LIVE" animated series on Crunchyroll!


- We have Official Tournament “WIXOSS PARTY” for stores purchasing products from YY Card World. 

   In addition to this regular event, we also hold events with special prizes intermittently!


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