Wixoss Ceremony in Store Season.3 2023

Wixoss Ceremony in Store Season.3 2023

Wixoss Ceremony



WIXOSS Ceremony in store SEASON.3 2023 is a special event held exclusively at WIXOSS official tournament stores.
We have prepared a very special promo for you, so please enjoy the event and join this Ceremony event! The event will be held at each store on the following dates.

Event Detail

  • Swiss format (Based on the number of participants) and SINGLE ELIMINATION.
    Swiss Round’s tie breaker: At host store's discretion
  • Best of 1, 30 minutes for each round.

When times up
·Swiss Round : Both players lose the game.
·SINGLE ELIMINATION : Extend the game until the match is over.*
*Obligation to play the game at the appropriate pace.

  • Decklist submission: Required.
  • Deck Construction Rules: WIXOSS ENGLISH EDITION cards already released as of the event date, including promos.


  • 2 playmats will be given out of the above 3 types. We recommend that you check before participation with stores.
  • The 1st place gets to choose their favorite playmat design.




Main Distributor for Europe

Website: www.gametrade.it
Email: info@gametrade.it


Sub Distributor for Spain

Website: https://www.facebook.com/blackpennygames
Email: sales@blackpennygames.com


Sub Distributor for Germany

Website: www.blackout-spiele.biz/  www.spielhouse.com
Email: info@blackout-spiele.de


Sub Distributor for France

Website: www.ynaris.com
Email: account@ynaris.com


Organizers List

Date Format Location Address Region
10/26/2023 18:00 Limited Sealed Pack Krolm Poczty Gdanskiej, 3 80321 Gdansk Poland Contact
11/11/2023 20:00 Constructed Thetcgshop Hannieschaftstraat 70 2135k Hoofddorp Netherlands Contact
11/11/2023 21:30 Constructed Trick Room Store Via Fratelli Bandiera 74 60019 Senigallia (an) Italia Marche Contact
11/12/2023 16:30 Constructed Libertalia Juegos C/ Badajoz, 32 28931 Móstoles Spain Contact