Wixoss Party June Exclusive

Wixoss Party June Exclusive

Wixoss Party



Join the Wixoss Party at your favourite Hobby Store !!!


Event Type:

Wixoss Party | Level 1 Tournament


At the organizer's choice

Tournament Period:

From 1 June 2022 to 30 June 2022


The Wixoss Spring Party is giving away the following promos: "Lancelot, Crimson General" for tournament participants and "Arcgwyn, Blessed Angel Queen" for the winner!





Suggested Registration Cost: 5,00 - 10,00 €


This event is exclusive to only 20 stores in Europe !!



Main Distributor for Europe

Website: www.gametrade.it
Email: info@gametrade.it


Sub Distributor for Spain

Website: https://www.facebook.com/blackpennygames
Email: sales@blackpennygames.com


Sub Distributor for Germany

Website: www.blackout-spiele.biz/  www.spielhouse.com
Email: info@blackout-spiele.de


Sub Distributor for France

Website: www.ynaris.com
Email: account@ynaris.com


organisateurs Liste

Date Format Emplacement Adresse Région
11/06/2022 10:30 Constructed Infernal Forge Velia 83, Local 08016 Barcelona Spain Contacter
11/06/2022 12:00 Constructed Chimera Chimera, Bankwell Street Dy5 1ps Brierley Hill United Kingdom Contacter Résultats
11/06/2022 15:00 Constructed Veni Vidi 22 Rue De La République 84310 Morières-lès-avignon France Contacter
18/06/2022 13:30 Constructed Leloupbar Route De Praz Repos 26 1084 Carrouge Switzerland Contacter Résultats
25/06/2022 15:00 Constructed Store 203 High Street Ne81a Gateshead United Kingdom Contacter
25/06/2022 10:00 Constructed Tanigami S.a. Rue Du Midi 2 1003 Lausanne Switzerland Contacter
25/06/2022 10:00 Constructed Epic Loot 19 Rue De Paris 62300 Lens France Contacter Résultats
26/06/2022 17:00 Constructed Libertalia Juegos C/ Badajoz, 32 28931 Móstoles Spain Contacter Résultats
26/06/2022 15:00 Limited Booster Draft Cartajouer 54 Bis Boulevard Mantega-righi 06100 Nice France Contacter
28/06/2022 19:30 Constructed Tanigami S.a. Rue Rousseau 14 1201 Genève (ee) Switzerland Contacter Résultats